With summer fast approaching and the temperature rising, why not explore the possibility of adding a swimming pool to your home. A swimming pool is a quintessential feature of the perfect Australian Backyard. There are several options when it comes to designing a pool.

The success of a great pool design is not measured in size, it comes back to the core fundamentals of good design, form and function. If a pool looks good and it works, then the size really doesn’t matter. Yes, smaller pools will restrict some functional elements of a pool (like doing laps, perhaps) so you may need to re-evaluate your expectations, but when it comes to kids, they will create fun in whatever amount of water you give them. For adults, a comfortable bench seat in a small pool or perhaps a spa, sited in the sunny corner of a stylish courtyard where you can enjoy a relaxing glass of beer or bubbles is a great way to enjoy a weekend of summer entertaining.

When designing a pool there are many things that need to be considered from an aesthetic, functional and compliance point of view. There are critical elements need to be considered, such as engineering and building-code compliance requirements. With any pool project, there are many technical elements you may not be aware of, including boundary restrictions, pool fence compliance, neighbouring property protection works, council approval along with access for excavation.