Building a residential or commercial property requires considerable amount of planning and knowledge. It’s not as easy as placing one brick atop another. For the structure to be secure and attractive, it must be designed well and built with the right measurements and techniques. That’s one of the reasons why no building can be created without an architect Botany. At Pinnacle Plus, we have skilled and experienced architects who’ll ensure your property looks great and well proportionaed.

What Do Architects Do?

There are many misconceptions about what an architect does and if they’re even necessary for a construction project. By traditional definition, an architect is a professional who organises space and this is perhaps the most accurate, though somewhat vague explanation of what an architect does. It’s not easy to define what an architect does because we tend to wear many hats and work on several aspects of construction. Here’s a brief explanation of what we can do:

  • Sketch Design – Our first step is to understand your vision and consider your requirements. Construction of a property requires considerable amount of investment. If the design is wrong or doesn’t live up to your requirements, you can’t just tear the building down and start from scratch. An architect Botany will take the space available, client requirements, surrounding areas, schedule, and budget into consideration before they start working on the design.
  • Site Assessment – Our architects will then visit the site and take all relevant measurements. They will consider aspects like views, topography, cross-ventilation, wind, daylight, noise, and other such factors before they start working on the design.
  • Design – Once our architect has all the information they need to create a design, they’ll start creating sketches. Our experts usually create few different sketches for your review so you can decide what is ideal for your requirements. Once you choose the design, the architects can move on to the next step.
  • Permits and Council Approvals – The next step is to get all the required permits and approvals from local and statutory authorities. Our architect Botany will guide you through the Development Application process and help you with code review, building approval, permits for construction, and other necessities.
  • Construction Documentation – An architect Botany will prepare a design package for tender and construction. A number of drawings, including services layout and construction details will be developed along with reports of schedules and a detailed specification. The Construction Documentation stage will include the full production of drawing and specification package for tender, co-ordination and interaction with consultants.
  • Project Management – Pinnacle Plus offers a project management service to manage the entire development proposal. We identify the owner’s goals and objectives. Through a process we control elements of design, council approval, tendering, construction, contract administration and progress/variation claims.

This helps to reduce risk and improve client certainty and ensures quality standards, costs and time frames are met. We aim to avoid issues through pro-active and concise communication. Client meetings are scheduled regularly to ensure expectations established at the front end of the project are maintained throughout.

We understand the demands of our busy clientele and also offer a comprehensive multi-disciplinary package from property finding to management and reselling, including specialist real estate development expertise on planning, design, construction, financing, sales and marketing.

How Our Architects Can Help

  • We offer bespoke design services so our architects will offer solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Our team can help create well-planned residential and as well as commercial spaces. Here are some pictures of our latest designs and projects.
  • We work on interior and exterior design so you don’t have to hire a different designer to work on different aspects of your property.

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