Pinnacle Plus is a boutique specialist design and management company that will assist you with all of your property related needs. A multi-disciplinary practice, which by a collaborative approach is chosen we are able to deliver the project from inception to completion. Our expert services include feasibility studies, concept design, council approval and architectural documentation.
Founded by Huss Chalich, the prestige practice specifically offers a holistic and bespoke approach, with a focus on building long lasting relationships tailored to suit your individual needs. The end result will see you achieve the highest architectural standards for your property in a seamless manner.
Our energetic team has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of premium architectural and interiors projects to residential and commercial venues. Our projects are guaranteed to minimise risk by helping define the scope and cost of your project. We pride ourselves on creating a legacy of elegant, substantial and sustainable projects that remain market appropriate..
At Pinnacle Plus, our services don’t end when the development is completed. Rather, our clients benefit from Pinnacle’s exclusive philosophy of continued support and services.


Managing Director
Huss Chalich

As the managing director of Pinnacle Plus, Huss is passionate about offering both a holistic and bespoke approach to design and development, with a focus on building long lasting relationships tailored to suit clients individual needs. His strong knowledge of the design and building process provides him clear approach, coupled with communication and management skills to lead a team of architects and designers.

Huss has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of projects to residential, interior and commercial venues. He takes pride in creating a legacy of elegant, substantial and sustainable projects that remain market appropriate, whereby form meets function.


Project Architect
John Caulfield

A graduate of the University of Technology Sydney, John is a Project Architect with over 20 years experience across a wide array of typologies. From Westfield Sydney ($2bn – Commercial/Retail), to New Royal Adelaide Hospital ($2bn – Health) to Caulfield Heath ($1.5bn – Multi-Residential) he has worked on some of the largest developments in Australia.

A passionate devotee of modernism and contemporary architecture, John’s design philosophy is predicated around the efficient use of internal space, coupled with a distinctive and creative approach to façades.

Sally Lee

Sally Lee

Sally has always been inspired by beautiful architecture and interiors, and the way they influence our lives. After studying at the International School of Colour and Design her focus has been on creating harmonious and life enhancing interiors that are sophisticated and refined which reflects the clients needs and personality.

With an eye for creating bespoke, luxurious and precise interiors, each and every home designed by the Pinnacle Plus team is inspired by the location, the lifestyle of the residents and creating a sophisticated and beautiful aesthetic for them to live in.

Sally’s philosophy is to work closely with clients from concept to completion and never overlook even the smallest of details. Sally is passionate about all facets of design and believes this is essential to delivering a comprehensive and successful project.


Interior Designer

Ella embodies the ideal that passion is a must when it comes to interior design. Her belief that a space should come to life and reflect the personality of the occupant drives her design aesthetic and approach.

This passion and drive is ever-present during Pinnacle Plus’ collaborative design process where Ella thrives on the exchange of creative ideas in pursuit of a finished project always delivered beyond expectations.

Graduate Architect

Possessing an eclectic design taste with an attention to detail, Josh is a graduate architect who pursues the highest of architectural standards. With a broad understanding of architectural principles, Josh employs a constructive ideology throughout the design process whilst ensuring every project maintains integrity.

A graduate of the University of Sydney, with a background in the home construction industry, Josh is always focused on projects delivered with clarity and precision.